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This book teaches a variable Strong One No Trump system with 14-16HCP, 15-17HCP, and 15-18HCP ranges and utilizes a 2♠ size-asking bid which increases the number of conventions and treatments that can be played so any hand you hold becomes easier to represent in the auction. You will learn all the basics like Stayman, Jacoby transfers, minor-suit transfers, RKC 3014, and Gerber, as well as Baze, Smolen, minor-suit Stayman, two-suited Key

Card, Lebensohl and Transfer Lebensohl.

Some of these conventions are advanced, this shouldn’t scare you away from them. Learn and apply what you can one convention at a time and when you master that convention, move on to the next. Remember that Bridge is a game of mistakes and when anyone learns something new, mistakes will be made, conventions and treatments will be forgotten. Mistakes represent learning moments, embrace them.

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